Cleanliness inspector

In every manufacturing process, particle contamination must be kept as low as possible so that there are no functional restrictions of the product. Component cleanliness is crucial and must be measured and assessed. With the expert Olympus range of cleanliness inspector solutions you are able to obtain, process, analyze, and document data for technical component cleanliness inspections, continuously meeting high cleanliness standards.
From development to quality control, Olympus cleanliness inspector systems provide accurate performance for maximum productivity. Designed to meet component cleanliness standards, our cleanliness inspectors offer intuitive software to guide you through every step of the inspection process. So, whether you’re an expert or a novice, acquiring cleanliness data is quick, easy and efficient.

Evident scientific - CIX100 sustav inspekcije za analizu čestica na filteru čistoće


The OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards for the cleanliness of manufactured components. Quickly acquire, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data to comply with company and international standards. The system’s intuitive software guides users through each step of the process so even novice operators can acquire cleanliness data quickly and easily.