Telemetry hydrant

EDC Company, with its product, the Telemetric Hydrant, has been nominated among the 5 finalists for the first Smart City award.

The Telemetric Hydrant was originally conceived and patent applied as an innovative product by Mr. Bore Markić and Mr. Igor Ignac. EDC Ltd. took it over for refinement, improvement, software support development, and commercialization.

You can check the functionality of the Telemetric Hydrant via our website as well.

The Smart City award is a prize for the most innovative Croatian Smart City solution, awarded by Hanza Media in partnership with the Development Agency Zagreb and Croatian Telecom.

FIVE MOST INNOVATIVE IN CROATIA: CROATS ARE DEVELOPING SMART TECHNOLOGY UNSEEN WORLDWIDE. We started in a garage, and now our sensors are used even in Antarctica.

Telemetrijski hidrant

Zagreb, 17.11.2017.
Companies that participate with their projects in the Smart City competition.
In the photograph: Tomislav Šimenc, Boro Markić, and Alen Kelemen in front of the telemetric hydrant.

More than 40 companies applied to the competition with solutions that fall under “smart city” solutions, meaning they use advanced electronics, sensors, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and similar technologies to help solve everyday municipal problems and optimize city management. The award jury consisted of 11 leaders of the Croatian digital industry, including experts from the Government, World Bank, Croatian faculties, and IT companies.