Light microscopes

Light microscopes are used for quality control applications and detailed examination of newly developed materials, electronic devices, metals, and chemicals. Designed with modularity in mind, users can customize their system with the optical and digital imaging components required by today’s discerning microscopist. Olympus compound light microscopes are suitable for a variety of applications, from routine inspection to sophisticated analysis study. Our light microscopes can be combined with Olympus image analysis software for imaging inspection systems with exceptional optical performance. From basic image capture to image processing, measurement, and report generation, the Olympus range sets a new standard in light microscopes.

Uspravni – BX53M

Olympus BX series upright metallurgical microscopes meet a wide-variety of analysis applications, from a routine inspection to sophisticated studies thanks to superb optical performance and a variety of accessories.

Invertni – GX53

Olympus GX series inverted metallurgical microscopes are reliable and high-performance imaging system with the advanced Olympus UIS2 optics. GX microscopes are highly efficient when used with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software.