Measuring microscopes

Olympus industrial measuring microscopes are diverse and adaptable, capable of meeting precision inspection requirements. They help improve your work efficiency with sophisticated optical performance, bringing you high-performance readings of simple or complex samples. The STM7 industrial measuring microscope can be used to view and measure objects at high magnification, vital for quality control and accuracy. Providing observation, measurement taking, and report creation functionalities, our software is easy to operate for both novice and expert users. Olympus’ leading-edge measuring microscope technology offers versatility and high performance.

Evident scientific - STM7 mjerni mikroskop


STM7 microscopes offer excellent versatility and high-performance, three-axis measurements of parts and electrical components, with sub-micron precision. Whether samples are small or large, simple or complex, or measurements are being taken by a novice or an expert, the Olympus STM7 range features measuring microscopes tailored to fit your needs.