As a result of highly motivated and multi-disciplinary educated team, we achieve the synergy of engineering and IT by producing efficient and user-friendly solutions, while successfully promoting application of information technology in engineering practice.

- Synergy of engineering and IT

Company profile

EDC d.o.o is a company founded in 2002 by a group of engineers who already had 15-year work experience in development, design, monitoring and information technology in Zagreb water supply and drainage system. Thanks to its hardworking employees, their knowledge and commitment, EDC has become a renowned company in the field of utility management. The quality of our services in GIS design, from field survey to customer support, is already legendary. Our IMAGIS utility web GIS is open and accessible system with many unique features. On that note, EDC d.o.o. has also introduced Telemetric Hydrant: innovation patented by Croatian experts. As a general distributor of Evident Scientific Industrial Equipment, EDC already has a regional significance.

Professionally and logistically organized, with multidisciplinary approach to projects, and by means of original solutions and experience during realization, we provide our partners and end-users increase efficiency and additional profits.

We are extremely successful in consulting with the aim of improving the performance of utility companies and the implementation of GIS and TIS systems for utility companies and local government. Through the implementation of GIS and TIS systems, we perform system inventory, geodetic surveys, consult on procurement and supply of hardware, software and measuring equipment, we also perform the integration of IT subsystems into a single unit, as well as arrange or perform all other tasks necessary for proper operating of infrastructure systems (surveys, measuring the wall thickness of pipelines, NDT testing, water loss management…)

mgeBeing an Autodesk developer, we provide world class productivity, efficiency and production costs reduction, with widely adoptable solutions for all kinds of clients and users.

We also offer our own software solutions built on Autodesk and Open GIS Consortium platforms and standards.

Company EDC d.o.o. general distributor of Evident Scientific Industrial equipment is the general distributor of Evident Scientific Industrial equipment for the Adriatic Region and provides distribution, training, service and expertise for industrial videoscopes and endoscopes, ultrasound, HighSpeed cameras, eddy current devices.