Petrinja after the earthquake

Flow and pressure measurement with the purpose of finding losses in the water supply network after the devastating earthquake hit the area of the town Petrinja and the surrounding area.

On December 31, 2020, two days after the devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 Richter, which caused human casualties and great damage in the area of the cities of Glina, Petrinja and Sisak, the company EDC d.o.o. came to the damaged area to measure the flow and pressure in the water supply network.

EDC d.o.o. put all its experts and resources at the disposal of compay Privreda d.o.o. to help them in these difficult times. We volunteered to help the devastated areas in what we do best.

EDC d.o.o. invited companies Dippold & Gerold-Hidroprojekt 91 d.o.o. and Tesam istraživanje d.o.o. from Zagreb, as well as professor doc. dr. sc. Dražen Vouk from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb to join this project.

The aim of this measurement is to find damage and losses of large amounts of water caused by this devastating earthquake.


Priprema postavljanja mjerača protoka vode u oknoImage 1: Preparing to set a water flow meter in the shaft


Mjerenje protoka vode ispod mosta PetrinčicaImage 2: Measuring water flow under the Petrinčica bridge


Image 3 & 4: Setting the water flow meter in the shaft


In coordination with Privereda d.o.o. employees, it was concluded that the earthquake caused a number of minor breakdowns in the water supply network.

We quickly started defining District metered areas (DMA) and set up flow meters in order to determine night flows, ie losses.

After defining the losses by zones, the second team did additional research by geophone.

Finally, a reviewed GIS was made, with marked locations of measurements, DMA zones, water supply network, measurement results and locations of failures with descriptions and pictures.

GIS can be viewed at:


Primjer grafa mjerenja protoka od 5.1.2021. do 7.1.2021. na lokaciji Prije MošćeniceGraph 1: Example of flow measurement graph from 5.1.2021. to 7.1.2021. on Prije Mošćenice location


Primjer GIS preglednika lokacije Prije MošćeniceImage 5: Example of GIS viewer of Prije Mošćenice location